At Design Link, our years of experience managing large projects allows you to streamline the construction and renovation process. Let us do the work, and feel confident knowing you will be giving your guests the best experience.


Turn your vision into reality, and show guests you care about their experience. Our skilled team of design professionals will work with you to create a space that honors your business and celebrated what makes it unique. Design Link will incorporate all aspects of design to set the tone for the experience you want for your guests.


Design Link establishes a cohesive design and speedy approval process. Our years of expertise will ensure that you have an expeditious turn-around while remaining unique within your brand.


Use your resources efficiently and allow Design Link to value engineer your project. We understand that it is critical for your project to stay on budget. Design Link will work closely with suppliers to ensure that you get the best value without compromising on quality or style.


We create quality results from infancy to completion. From design development to selection of finishes and concepts, to working drawings, budgets, tender process and construction, Design Link can take care of it all!


Embrace the finishing touches and have your project feel complete. Often overlooked, the final touches are what really brings a project to life. Let us curate an ambience for your space with our space ideas and new interior design trends.


Our attention to detail ensures that we seek the finest products at competitive prices. Design Link will ensure that the highest level of quality is delivered in a reasonable time by communicating with all suppliers. Letting Design Link handle the procurement process can be extremely beneficial if you are looking to streamline the renovation process.